Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Men Cardigan ~

Cardigans are great for showing off a man’s athletic build, and will have all the ladies fawning over you and your chic style. There are several ways for men to wear a cardigan; they are great for a formal night out on the town or a laid-back, yet fashionable, casual look.

For a more formal style, try pairing your cardigan with some dress slacks, or khakis, and a button-down dress shirt. This is a classic style and can make your ensemble look fashionable, without appearing overly dressy. However, don’t be afraid to get a little creative and play around with this look. If you have a V-neck cardigan, add a skinny tie to your outfit for a fashion forward look. For those men who are a little more confident wearing avant-garde styles, try adding an eccentric bowtie instead of the traditional tie. This look of pairing a cardigan with a tie or bowtie especially looks chic in this season’s monochromatic color scheme. If you are trying for a more preppy look, roll up the sleeves of both your cardigan and your shirt to your forearms or elbows.

If wanting to wear your cardigan in a more casual way, opt for jeans instead of slacks. Make sure to use your slim-fitting jeans for this look; never wear baggy jeans with a cardigan, as it will destroy the entire suave look you are creating. For the super casual style, simply add a white t-shirt under your cardigan. Or, you can add a little more punch with some bright, solid colored or graphic t-shirts.

How to button a cardigan
Knowing how many buttons to fasten on a cardigan can be confusing, but is the key factor for men when wearing a cardigan. Which buttons you fasten can either mark you as a man of style or an awkward fashion faux pas. First of all, make sure the shirt you choose and your cardigan are snug fitting, because one of the main purposes of a man’s cardigan is to show off your fit physique. In addition, keep the fabrics of your clothes thinner, so that the layers do not appear too bulky. Then, the general rule of buttons is to never fasten the last button on your cardigan, as it often makes men look uncomfortable and uptight. Instead, choose to fasten the top buttons, leaving the last one, or even two, unfastened.
Finally, the most important thing about fashion – confidence is key! If you think you can pull off fastening all buttons on your cardigan, go for it. Without risk-takers, fashion would never progress.

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